Take action now to oppose the retaliatory tariffs on EU wines, spirits, and beer/non-alcoholic beer as a result of the Airbus trade dispute. Since October 2019, 25 percent retaliatory tariffs have been imposed by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on certain wines and spirits from the EU.  Now, USTR is proposing to raise those tariffs up to 100 percent and expand the categories of wine and spirits subject to retaliatory tariffs and add other products to the tariff list.  Job losses, business closures, and higher prices and less selections for consumers are directly caused by these retaliatory tariffs. 

USTR was stunned by the huge number of public comments during the last review and now is your opportunity to wow them with even more opposition comments.  Echo your voice by sharing this campaign with your colleagues, family, friends, and fellow social drinkers. 

The period to submit public comments to USTR related to tariffs on wine and spirits in connection with the Boeing/Airbus case has closed. WSWA now awaits USTR's decision on August 12, 2020, while continuing to urge Congress and the Administration to remove alcohol products from its list of goods subject to further tariffs.


WSWA encourages our members to write to their U.S. Representatives and Senators asking for their help opposing harmful retaliatory tariffs against alcohol from Europe. Please consider encouraging your employees, customers and friends to do the same!

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Let WSWA know how tariffs have affected your business by submitting an impact statement to our WSWA Federal Affairs Team to share on Capitol Hill.
Your social media platforms will help spread the word, so please engage with: #TariffsTakeJobs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Below you will find sample images that can be used to accompany your posts, as well as links to WSWA social media properties so you can "like," "share," or "retweet" in order to amplify messaging to a larger audience.

Make sure to tag USTR on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and make sure they know how tariffs on EU wine and spirits are affecting the industry.


You can use sample social media posts that can be found here or share posts from WSWA's TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn pages.

Contact your local media outlets to let them know the effect that tariffs will have on local jobs and business. The beverage alcohol industry supports many ancillary industries like restaurants, tourism and hospitality, that in turn drive local economies.

Below you will find a sample "pitch" email that can be sent to local broadcast or radio stations or print publications as well as a sample press release linked here.


For additional information, direct media to the new WSWA study on the economic impact of tariffs or the WSWA Tariff Timeline that walks through the USTR's decision making since early 2019.





As you know, the U.S. and EU are in a trade dispute and as a result local jobs are at risk. I run the [COMPANY NAME HERE], a local wine and spirits wholesaler in [YOUR CITY HERE]. The sustained 25 percent tariff on EU products that has been in place since October is impacting products that we import and distribute to local restaurants, bars, hotels and other establishments vital to our local economy. The compounding impact of these tariffs and COVID-19 shutdowns has resulted in job losses, hiring freezes and U.S. businesses forced to operate with additional uncertainties, resulting in the most unstable environment our industry has seen. 


A new study from Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) found that the U.S. alcohol industry is poised to lose close to 93,000 jobs and nearly $3.8 billion in wages, costing the U.S. economy $11 billion in 2020. State and local governments will see their revenues drop by a stunning $10.7 billion.


I welcome the opportunity to connect with you by phone or in person to discuss this issue further. Please see the attached press release and the attached study from the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America for more information.






Since October 2019, the United States has levied a 25 percent tariff on a range of wine and spirits products from European Union as part of a long-running trade dispute between the two bodies related to government subsidies for civil aircrafts manufactured by Boeing and Airbus. As a result, these products have become more expensive to purchase from our supplier and importer partners, prices have risen for consumers, and U.S. alcohol industry jobs have been threatened.

By August 12 – and every 180 days thereafter -- the United States Trade Representative (USTR) must review these tariffs and decide whether to modify, remove, or replace all products on the list of products tariffed or increase or decrease the tariff levels. In a concerning development, USTR also included a new "supplemental" list of EU products, which includes vodka, gin, and beer from the UK, Germany, France, and Spain that could potentially be subject to new tariffs. In addition, USTR has initiated a separate investigation related to Digital Services Taxes (DSTs) adopted or under consideration by a number of countries to determine whether the policies are unreasonable or discriminatory or restrict U.S. commerce. This investigation could potentially lead to further tariffs on wine and spirits imports.


To learn more on WSWA’s work opposing tariffs view the WSWA Tariff Timeline or click on the links  below to read submissions to the USTR by WSWA and the Beverage Alcohol Coalition: